What Is A Tiny House? Can A Tiny House Offer You A Decent, Comfortable And Functional, Lifestyle?

Most people might have heard a thing or two about tiny houses. That does not mean that they actually know what a tiny house is.

A tiny house is a fully functional, compact, transportable dwelling. Housing needs change constantly, where living in a big home was fashionable and a preferred way of life for many people, people now need more alternatives to choose from.

Small dwellings are nothing new, but there is a difference between many of these housing types.

Myths and Misconceptions about Tiny Houses:

1. A Tiny House is just like a Camper; which they are definitely not. This is a misconception that many people have about tiny houses. The name, however, says, “Tiny House”, which would be an obvious indication that it is a house, built, like any other house to withstand the rigours of daily living and all weather conditions.

2. Tiny Houses are cramped and small; where there actually are some really small ones, it does not need to be that way. They come in many different sizes and the actual design will have the biggest impact on how cramped or how open and spacious the house will feel. A good design will not affect the way you perform your daily tasks.

3. You have to change your lifestyle radically; to fit into living tiny. A tiny houses’ smallness should not cause you to alter your normal lifestyle in too many ways. Your tiny home should be customised and designed to fit your lifestyle.

4. Get rid of all your belongings; this can be scary for some and appealing to another. Truth is, you will need to downsize and get rid of excess stuff. You do not need to get rid of all and everything. Doing this might not be as difficult as you think. Looking at your belongings, you will come to realize that you actually do not use more than half of it.

5. Tiny housing is only for the young and restless; putting tiny house dwellers in a certain type of group, which are definitely not true. Tiny houses are great for many persons of all ages, a starter home for young couples, downsizing for retirement, a vacation home, a guest house and much more.

Tiny houses do not just provide a comfortable, low cost, dwelling; they are functional and beautiful, too. You can decide if you want to build yours on wheels, to be able to move around or to just have a fixed tiny home. In whatever way you prefer your tiny house, you will be pleasantly surprised with the freedom and flexibility tiny home living brings.

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