Do All Tiny Houses Look The Same? How Do You Choose Your Tiny Home?


There are many different Tiny House builders and suppliers, with as many different styles and types. There are multiple models, and just as many plans, available to choose from, and these are all fully customizable.

What Characteristics Stays the same when building a Tiny House?

1. Mostly Movable: Tiny houses are usually built on a transporting trailer. You can hook it to a vehicle and take it with wherever you are going. Even though highly movable, you can also just find your place where you will live and settle down.

2. Flexibility: The inside of an existing Tiny House can be changed, whether it is a change in size, functionality, it can be changed, when the need should arise. And the location can also change quite easily.

3. Freedom: Freedom will come with the fact that Tiny Houses do not need a lot of maintenance, inside and outside. They do not need that much cleaning, inside or outside. You will not have a big mortgage to pay off. There is no room for clutter, so you can live without lots of unnecessary stuff pulling you down.

Do All Tiny Houses Look the Same?

1. They come in Different Sizes: There are many different sizes, although they need to be smaller than 400 square feet (37 square metres). A tiny house can be as small as 80 square feet (7.4 square metres).

2. Different Models: There are multiple models to choose from, each with different types of finishing and building materials.

3. Different Floor-plans: The inside (floor-plan) can be changed to fit your specifications.

All of the above features are fully customisable to your specifications and needs. You can choose your outside style and materials and do the same with the interior. The interior will be made to your liking and style.

Choose the style you like and the floor-plan that will fit your lifestyle, and you will have a dream, Tiny House in a short time. You can start living big in a Tiny House.

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