About Ken Livingstone


Ken Livingstone is a Tiny House Building Company. We have a passion for creative design and combine that passion with many years of experience gained while in the construction business. We shifted our focus to promote and embrace the tiny living experience and helping others to see the freedom it offers.

We have a variety of models that you can choose from with different floor plans and space saving options. You can also custom design your tiny house with the help of our expertise.

At Ken Livingstone we always use top of the range materials, that will ensure that the quality is excellent, to create an upscale tiny house. Our modern, aesthetic finishing, gives each tiny home a unique, one of a kind, appearance.

Our goal is to keep costs low, but quality high. We will provide you with the best choices in design and finishing while giving you expert advice on what will be the best for your requirements.

Our homes are available in stationary, (with the option to be moved when needed), or on wheels. All tiny houses are built to be functional in all seasons and weather conditions.