Casper Vs Purple Mattresses

For some years, the Casper mattress has been the most popular mattress in terms of size. Nonetheless, the purple mattress has taken the bedding industry with a storm and it is now one of the most raved mattress types.

The battle between Casper and purple mattress has started but the question remains, will the purple mattress be able to knock down the Casper.

This article makes a comprehensive comparison of these two mattress types. So continue reading below to find out whether the purple mattress will dominate over the Casper mattress.

What are the similarities?

  • Both are 9.5 inches thick
  • Both sell in online only
  • Both have nearly same firmness level
  • Both have a pretty design
  • Both have friendly trial periods
  • Both have good customer reviews

What are the differences?

  • Unlike the Casper, the purple has a more resilient top layer that makes it more bouncy
  • The Casper has more give and allows sleepers to sink more than the purple
  • While Casper helps in creating a cool sleeping surface, the purple has great, cooling abilities and it does better than any other mattress around.
  • In terms of cost, the Casper is more budget-friendly as compared to the purple with about $150.

You may want to pick the purple mattress if you prefer the following qualities;

A lot of bounce: the purple mattress is the bouncer of the two options. Choose your best memory foam mattress. Therefore, if you are the type that like an extra bounce, then the purple is just fine.

Sensitive to heat: while both mattresses help you to sleep cool, the purple is a better option.

Sleeping on the mattress: one thing that makes the purple mattress better is the fact that you will be sleeping β€œON’ the mattress. This makes it a more apt option for those who do not like sinking.

You may also want to choose the Casper if you prefer the following;

A more traditional feel: Due to its nature of construction the Casper, feel caters to the needs of most sleepers. With the Casper, there is not much bounce as the case of the purple instead; you sink a little bit into the mattress. This provides great cushioning and a feel similar to that of a traditional mattress.

A budget-friendly option: if you are on a budget constraint or you are planning to save a few dollars on your purchase, then think of this Casper. It is quite cheaper and will save you a few hundred dollars that you can use in other activities.

More third party validation: Casper has already earned a good name over the years it has been around. In fact, you can get many reviews about the Casper than there are for the purple. This gives you more trust that your choice will give you the value for your money.


Both Casper and purple mattress are designed to help you sleep better. Now that we have looked into their similarities and differences, we strongly believe you can make a well-informed decision.

However, if you are not yet convinced, you can trust your gut knowing that you cannot regret your decision since each option gives you a very distinct level of performance. In the end, do not forget that price-wise, the Casper mind your wallet compared to the purple.